Why You Need To Help Your Social Media Manager To Help You

So you hired a social media manager to save you time. You think you can walk away and just let them handle it all, right?

Well, you will save yourself time by hiring a social media manager. Managing social media does takes a LOT of time.

Time to create content and graphics. And then time to schedule these across various social network channels. Each has their own size and algorithms to deal with.

Once the post is online it’s not over. There is engaging with others who may comment, inquire, etc. Then you may want the content boosted or advertised.

This all takes the latest knowledge and know-how to come up with a social media strategy. And once you do have a strategy, be ready to change it instantly.

Keeping up to date with the latest social media methods and changes is a daily job in itself for a social media manager today.

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But that’s not all of it!

How does your social media manager know what is going on at YOUR business? Do you keep them informed?

Keeping Your Social Media Manager Informed is Imperative to Your Social Media Success

I see it oftentimes when someone hires me to manage their social media. They feel like a weight has been lifted off them. In most cases, yes, that is true.

The clients realize I’ve just saved them a lot of time.

But the ones I can really help are the ones that connect and meet with me at least once or twice a month. If your social media manager is aware of what’s happening in your business and what needs to be communicated, they can do a much better job of helping you.

Therefore, helping your social media manager really helps you!

Not only that, but if you can engage with the social media and have your staff and customers engage as well, it will become a win-win situation.

You Need To Be IN Your Social Media

You or your company really needs to be IN your social media. That could mean having your social media manager come in and take some photos or videos of you or your business doing business.

The behind the scenes look of your business is something your customers will love to see!

For example, I manage a nursing home’s social media. They had a Halloween party for their residents. The adult children of the residents loved seeing the videos and photos from that day on their Facebook page.

Some of them even asked me to send them photos from it that day. It helped the adult children that were at work and could not be there with their parents for this fun event at the nursing home.

You could see from the videos and photos how much the staff really loved their jobs and the residents. It showed right through in their faces and actions.

Now, if the client had not invited me go that day, I may have received a picture or two to use on their Facebook page. But it would have been hours later and probably a little less effective.

When You Are NOT In Your Social Media

Take for example another type of business that doesn’t want to include their social media manager in their business. They may post these things to their personal Facebook account and not think about their page.

But wait, what is a Facebook page for?

You would be missing the importance of having your Facebook page. A page is where you can boost and advertise! Not only that, but it looks more professionally done on a business page.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times you can publish your business to your personal page but NOT all the time. Besides, do your family and friends want to read all about your boring business on Facebook? (Many of my friends and family never read my Facebook page or blog.)

It’s even against the Facebook rules. Facebook could ban you from their network. You could lose your Facebook personal account and business page!

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Social Media Is A TEAM Effort

Yes, social media works best as a team. The more people on your team, the more successful social media can be for your business. It’s difficult today to be an island online and on social media.

If you are a small business, you may want to think about teaming up with others. Even if it is just tagging another business you do business with from time to time on social media.

Give credit to other businesses when due.

Even leaving reviews on other Facebook pages will spread your name out there. Just don’t do it for the sake of doing it, be genuine in any reviews you give online.

Are you ready now to help your social media manager help you?

I’d love to know more how you are using a social media manager to manage your social media today.

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Lisa runs her own business helping clients with content marketing, blogging, and social media. 25+ years of experience. https://inspiretothrive.com

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