Why Posting To Twitter From Facebook Is Not Tweeting

Have you ever noticed while on Twitter tweets that come right from Facebook? The tweets look like this one below.

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People think that they are using Twitter just by sharing their Facebook posts on Twitter. Is that really tweeting? (I don’t mean to pick on any one person, many do this exact thing.)

If you look further you cannot even see their links.

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Twitter is for networking. Being on Twitter is engaging with other peeps, sharing other’s content with your audience and sharing your own content 20% of the time, not 100% of the time.

Many small businesses still just tweet out their own content and promotional items but don’t engage on the Twitter network. Why waste their time on Twitter if they are not going to engage there?

Twitter is a wonderful social networking site. It’s a great place to check on the latest news and make connections with others. Usually when you connect with someone on Facebook you know them from real life or met them somewhere else first.

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On Twitter you can actually meet people from all walks of life that share your interests. If you become friends there you may even friend them on Facebook.

Twitter for business is a great way to solve customer service issues. Several times I flew Southwest Airlines and got stuck during a storm. I tried to call them but could not get through. I tweeted them and got a response within minutes and a DM with directions of what I needed to do to get another flight.

I also had several issues with Verizon and they too got right back to me via Twitter. Ever try calling your telecommunications provider? You have to go through so many prompts and still wait. Twitter quickly resolves that! Twitter is great for handling customer service issues and questions.

So if you are on Twitter be sure to network with others in your network. If you want post the same content to multiple networks (which is NOT always recommended) use a service like The Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule them so you are not tweeting from Facebook. Take the extra time to personalize your tweets and you’ll reap the benefits of the Twitter network in time. It won’t happen overnight but once it does it will begin to snowball!

Catch you over on Twitter.

Love to know in the comments if you tweet from your Facebook feed or not.

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Lisa runs her own business helping clients with content marketing, blogging, and social media. 25+ years of experience. https://inspiretothrive.com

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