My Love/Hate Affair with Twitter

Twitter was my first love with social media. I signed up back in 2009 as I was curious about this new social media networking website. Back then I was in the newspaper industry working in advertising sales.

A few years later we had an earthquake while I was at work. (This was highly unusual for the East Coast.) We didn’t know it for sure being on the 2nd floor where the advertising department was.

We all felt something. The floor was moving. No news had broken from the newsroom yet. I called my parents, they didn’t feel it at home and thought I was crazy.

I went immediately on Twitter and saw the news coming from the south to the north of the East Coast as it was confirmed. I met others from my local area while tweeting.

3 other women and I became friends on Twitter from that day and got together for lunches every few months afterward.

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The First Few Years on Twitter

Those first few years I didn’t tweet a lot. I didn’t show my face in my profile. My profile picture was an icon of a computer.

When you go back to look at your first tweet it won’t show your old profile picture just the tweet itself:

A year later I was tweeting fun and informational type of tweets:

To find your first tweet or any old tweets — use this formula: from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd.

Then in 2010, I began to sell medical scrubs online with a retail website. I began a Twitter account for the website. Within a year I had the largest sale from a tweet!

I was tweeting about an NCAA basketball team. I had the team's scrubs for sale. I wasn’t selling, I was being informative about the team.

A doctor tweeted me back and then direct messaged me about the scrubs. He ordered a very large order from across the country.

That began my love affair with Twitter.

I learned the power of a tweet and connecting with others. I began to get inquires on how to do things on Twitter. This is what led to my blog and my current business,

Somewhere around this time, I installed the Twitter app on my mobile device. Now, that’s where you really can get addicted to Twitter.

I loved following news and weather along with my business stuff. I started keeping

My website today still has Twitter as my #1 source of referral traffic. But this past year my love for Twitter has dwindled. Not the service per se but the company and what they are doing.

Twitter Not So Love

I am not happy with Twitter’s censorship. Yesterday it really came to a head . Twitter deemed the story harmful. Harmful to who?

I see so much hate and harmful content over on Twitter when I’m not looking at my Twitter lists. Twitter does NOT censor those tweets.

So who gives them the bias to pick and choose what to censor? I feel like they are trying to influence the upcoming election in our country. If they censor one side, they should censor the other side.

But in this country, we should not have any censoring of news! Censorship limits our freedom of thought.

Do you want Twitter to decide what YOU should think?

(It is not just Twitter either. Facebook did the same and Google has been at it as well.)

Torn Between the Love and Hate of Twitter

Today I’m torn up over Twitter. I still love the service and I’m more comfortable there than on Facebook.

On Facebook, I feel like I’m in a fishbowl. People see everything or at least they used to. But they won’t comment or share.

If you run into them in person, they will ask you about your Facebook posts.

At least on Twitter people will engage more and most of my family and close friends are not on it.

I’ve met wonderful people and made friends with folks on Twitter. (On Facebook you know them first.)

Twitter is still a wonderful networking site for me today. That’s why I am still there. Would I ever leave? I’ve learned never to say never. Time will tell.

Your Thoughts on Twitter Today

What do you think of Twitter’s censorship? Do you think they should be doing that with news organizations?

Will you stop advertising on these social media platforms because of their censorship? Or would you get off them altogether?

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