Hi Maya,

It’s kinda funny, looking back now 10 months into working from home and I can’t imagine going back to working in a cubicle.

There are days it can get lonely but on those days I try to sign up for the next local networking event and I’m good for a while. I also go and meet with clients on a regular basis.

I get up early as I have so much to accomplish on my business from home. I’ve always been a self-motivator and that is what is needed to work from home.

I know so many people who would not “try” to do it. They are fearful of not making enough money or of not being able to get themselves out of bed. I was one, afraid of the cost of healthcare. But once I realized I was paying almost as much via a corporation I jumped ship. I haven’t looked back!

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Lisa runs her own business helping clients with content marketing, blogging, and social media. 25+ years of experience. https://inspiretothrive.com

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