Are You Mixing Your Tweets Up Now?

Have you been afraid of getting suspended on Twitter today? Maybe your friends have or you read about other users getting their Twitter accounts suspended. It’s been happening often now.

(It happened to me twice last week where I was temporarily locked out!)

Be sure to have your mobile phone number associated with your Twitter account so you can have it unlocked quickly if need be.

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Mixing Up Your Tweets

Twitter recently updated their rules of service. You can no longer tweet out the same tweets over and over again. You must change them up a bit. If you are tweeting the same link change up the text.

If you have more than one Twitter account that you manage you have to be real careful not to tweet the same stuff on both or multiple handles that you manage.

This may not be easy if you manage multiple accounts. You once were able to schedule them in advance in bulk. They all would have the same info on the tweet but with different handles. That is a big NO-NO now on Twitter. You have to really mix them up!

One tool I love to use is the Buffer to schedule my social media posts. They have a Selected Text Tool — you can use this to personalize your scheduled tweets. You scroll over text and if you have the Buffer app in your browser — it will allow you to use that text for your tweets or other social networks that you have connected to your Buffer account. Very nice!

Another option is to add RSS feeds to your Buffer. This way you can share others content easily via Twitter.

Many people use Hootsuite for their social media management. They too have implemented new changes for the Twitter new policy. They have a new syndicator app for people to share content from. It migrates feeds for easier sharing.

There are many other scheduling tools out there like Missing Lettr which does mix up your tweets for you. They choose other graphics and text for each tweet or social share. Be sure to read more on Inspire To Thrive for more ideas on how to mix up your tweets and not get suspended from Twitter.

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Lisa runs her own business helping clients with content marketing, blogging, and social media. 25+ years of experience.

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