5 Ways to Run Your Online Business While Traveling

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Today it is easier than ever to run your online business while traveling. When you own a business, you tend to work 24/7 so when you get away you still work your business. You just don’t work as many hours each day you are away.

This year was my first 2 weeks off in a row to travel since I left the corporate world. I had worked harder than ever prior to going away and worked daily from afar. Instead of working 10–16-hour days I worked 1–4 hours per day.

The First Way to Do It Right with Tools

Always have a MIFI and extra battery charges with you. You need to be prepared so you can respond to calls and messages from time to time.

When I’m away I check these first thing in the morning and at the end of the day right on my mobile device. If needed I had my laptop ready to go.

A Second Way to Run Your Business While Traveling — Be Organized

Keeping yourself organized is key to running a business all the time but it’s more important when you travel.

You need to have all your contact info with you — preferably right on your mobile phone. And as a backup on a zip drive or a little old-fashioned black book.

Next, the Third Way of Maintaining Your Business on the Go — Delegate

Delegate to those you can trust. I delegated my blog over to a virtual assistant that I’ve known for years and trusted to help with posts and plugins along the way.

This was very important for my sponsored posts that came along in my travels. I didn’t want to lose out on any income and established relationships with others.

Anytime my local base of client work gets busy I delegate more of my blog work and my own social media pages to others to help. Having several freelancers now works out great when I’m around and when I travel.

I also like to pay those who help as soon as possible. Being a small business, I understand how important that is you can use PayPal or, like I did and carry pre-addressed stamped envelopes with you to send checks out from afar.

And the Fourth Way — Planning Ahead

Having a plan before going away is also very helpful. I worked hard to create posts for clients 2 weeks out and was able to adjust along the way as needed. I use Agorapulse for most of this scheduling. This saved me precious time while away as it does when I’m home too.

I now try to stay ahead 2 weeks. (TRY is the keyword here.) It’s great to be organized in advance with social media management.

If you take on new clients being ahead with others helps to offset that extra work and you will know how often you will need to delegate work out.

Finally, the Fifth way to Run Your Business While Traveling — Relax

If you can relax while away, you will unwind. This will help you on your return to feel refreshed and be ready to get back to your business full time. You will be more creative and apt to accomplish a lot more going forward.

If you are stressed while away, you will return stressed and tired. That is no way to run a successful business!

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Lisa runs her own business helping clients with content marketing, blogging, and social media. 25+ years of experience. https://inspiretothrive.com

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