Alternative social media networks have been around for a few years. However, suddenly many people are flocking over to them. Why is that today?

It began several months ago when the big 3 giant social media networks — Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube began to censor social media posts and videos on their platforms.

The most surprising censorship was on doctors and scientists who did not agree with members of the Coronavirus taskforce in the United States or with the World Health Organization.

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Social media networks censoring content.

But wait, isn’t science supposed to be discussed? If we did not challenge scientists long ago, we would still believe the earth is flat, correct? …

Twitter was my first love with social media. I signed up back in 2009 as I was curious about this new social media networking website. Back then I was in the newspaper industry working in advertising sales.

A few years later we had an earthquake while I was at work. (This was highly unusual for the East Coast.) We didn’t know it for sure being on the 2nd floor where the advertising department was.

We all felt something. The floor was moving. No news had broken from the newsroom yet. …

I have several friends that have been furloughed from their jobs or some that are no longer working since Covid-19 came along. I wanted to share some tips to earn a few dollars or swag during this time period for them.

I will not lie and say you will get rich with any of these. I’ve been blogging almost a decade now and the first several years I didn’t make a dime. Making money was not why I started my blog Inspire To Thrive.

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My home office

It was to help people learn from me as I journeyed into social media and seo while managing a retail medical scrub website back in the day. …

Nearly 2 years running my business I had been using social media ads and then the pandemic crisis hit. I pulled back at first and barely posted on any social media. I was in the business of social media as consultant and manager.

After several weeks I noticed that newspaper online readerships were rising, and I thought, “hmm, maybe I should advertise my special webinars for real estate classes on the website where I once worked for.”

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The Webinar Classes Had to Go On

I was doing webinar classes for realtors in Rhode Island to obtain their licenses and the deadline was changed from April 30th, 2020 to May 31st, 2020 because of Covid-19. …

So it has been 18 months since I left the cubicle and began working from home. I would not change that for the world but there is another side to it.

Yes, working from home can get lonely. And yes, I do get out and visit with clients. But, it is not the same as being in an office where you see the same people day after day and spend hours with them.

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My morning coffee to start the day at Inspire To Thrive.

I was not always in the office at my former jobs as I was a salesperson and traveled often too. …

I’ve read that the average person has 7 social media channels. I was surprised at that number as I’ve always remembered reading that one person could only manage 3 social media channels well.

(I’m not talking about having a social media channel where no update has been done in years.)

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That number of course is without using any social media scheduling or other tools to manage the social media. There are at least 65+ social networking sites worldwide today.

Yesterday I was on a Twitter chat —#BizapalozzaChat and many peeps were talking about spending 20–25 minutes on LinkedIn everyday. This got me to thinking: Is 30 minutes enough on each channel and if you have 7 channels that would be 210 minutes or 3.5 …

So you hired a social media manager to save you time. You think you can walk away and just let them handle it all, right?

Well, you will save yourself time by hiring a social media manager. Managing social media does takes a LOT of time.

Time to create content and graphics. And then time to schedule these across various social network channels. Each has their own size and algorithms to deal with.

Once the post is online it’s not over. There is engaging with others who may comment, inquire, etc. Then you may want the content boosted or advertised.

This all takes the latest knowledge and know-how to come up with a social media strategy.

So after writing about how NOT to get locked out of Twitter the other week, one of my 2 Twitter accounts got suspended for 48 hours.

Imagine how I felt after writing about how NOT to get locked out Twitter?

Years ago I would have panicked, today I remained calm. I had been locked out before from Twitter and always got unlocked within 48 hours.

The last time a few years back it happened, I received an apology from Twitter via email. They claimed I was caught up in the “Twitter bots”.

The more I learned from these experience, the more I could teach and blog. …

Recently I signed up on a website for more information so I could see more photos of some houses. It was a real estate website.

The following days I got multiple text messages and emails bombarding me with questions if I was ready to sell my home. They wanted to know if I was ready in 3 months or 6 months to sell my home.

Not just one message but then two, and then three. It was like an army of chatbots not stopping on my phone. They kept on coming, day after day.

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An army of chatbots kept on coming!

Then I got this message “Hope you had a great day! I know schedules get crazy and sometimes later in the day is better to chat. I’d like to get an idea of what you are looking for while you’re shopping. Are you free for a quick call this week?”

Yes, it has 9 months since I left the cubicle!

I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized it has been 9 months since I have worked in a cubicle. I don’t miss it. Sometimes, on days I work from home, I miss having people around. Of course, I can pick up a phone and call someone. Or, I can look for a networking event to attend.

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It’s been 9 months since I’ve worked in a cubicle!

What Has Changed in 9 Months

Several days a week I have appointments with clients. I’ve grown from about 6 clients to 23 since going full time. Some I manage their social media. That could be Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or helping with websites and blogging. …


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